Foreign Languages and Literatures at MIT

21F.219/220: Workshop in Written Expression (ELS)

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Writing module for high- intermediate ELS students who wish to review and practice accurate grammar, effective sentence and paragraph structure, punctuation and word choice. Short weekly writing assignments with extensive editing required. Can be repeated for credit. Limited to 18.No listeners.

Prereqs:  Placement test and permission of instructor

First priority is for new students for whom the class is an Institute recommendation or requirement by the Freshmen Essay Evaluation (FEE) or the English Evaluation Test (EET). Next are students required or recommended to take the class based on the EET or FEE that have received that requirement in the past two years. Finally, if there is room left, grade-seeking students for whom the class is not required or recommended by the Institute may take the class with permission of the instructor.

Units: 3-0-9(U); 9-0-3(G)



Spring 2014

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 E. Grunwald MW 3:30-5 14N-313
2 E. Grunwald TR 12:30-2 14N-313



Fall 2013

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 E. Grunwald MW 12:30-2 14N-313
2 E. Grunwald MW 3:30-5 16-644


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