Foreign Languages and Literatures at MIT

21F.312: Basic Themes in French Literature and Culture

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Introduction to literary and cultural analysis through the close reading and discussion of texts united by a common theme. Taught in French. Topic for Spring 2013: Science Fiction in French.

Prereqs:  21F.304, 21F.374, or permission of instructor

Topic for Spring 2013: Science Fiction in French

This class is an interactive one. It invites you to discuss orally through the analysis of short texts, films, comic books and blogs,the origins of science fiction. You will write paragraphs on incredible facts about science fiction, on what American science fiction owes to the French speaking world and how American sci-fi took the lead. Discover a few French speaking survivors among science fiction texts and films, witness a sudden renaissance in the popularity of science fiction in France today and some wonderful modern collaborations between the Anglophone world and the Francophone one. Class to be conducted entirely in French.

Units: 3-0-9(U)


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