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21F.346: Topics in Modern French Literature and Culture

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Close study of history and criticism of French literature, focusing on a specific group of writers, a movement, a theme, a critical or theoretical issue, or an analytic approach. May be repeated for credit with permission of instructor. Taught in French. Prereq: One intermediate subject in French. Topic for Spring 2014: North America Through French Eyes The course offers an analysis of the keen interest shown by France and the French in North American cultures since the 18th century. Not only did France contribute to the construction of both Canadian and American nations but also it has constantly delineated its identity by way of praising or criticizing North American cultures. The course will historically trace this ambivalent relation, exploring various themes such as liberalism, entertainment and the media, trade and cultural goods, transatlantic intellectual encounters, translation, etc. The course will use materials drawn from literature (e.g. Voltaire, Tocqueville, Céline, Beauvoir, Dubois), cinema (e.g. Dhéry, Tati) and also comics, TV shows and series as well as political debates (from anti-globalization movements in France to the election of Barack Obama). Course taught in French.

Prereqs:  One intermediate subject in French

Units: 3-0-9(U)



Spring 2014

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 B. Perreau WR 2:30-4 14N-217



Fall 2013

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 C. Clark MW 11-12:30 14E-310


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