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21F.501/551: Japanese I

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Introduction to modern standard Japanese. Emphasis on developing proficiency in speaking and listening, using basic grammar and vocabulary. Basic skills in reading and writing are also taught. Lab work required. For graduate credit see 21F.551. Meets with 21F.571 when offered concurrently. Limited to 16 per section. Students who are enrolled in 21F.076 Globalization should register for 21F.571. Prereq: none. Coreq for 21F.571: 21F.076.

Fall Semester Sections: Enrollment limited to 16 for pedagogical reasons. Priority will be given to pre-registered students. Please note that you have to attend the first day of class to maintain your preference level. In case of overenrollment, preference will be given in the following order: concentrators, continuing students, pre-registered students of 21F.076J, sophomores, juniors, freshmen, seniors and graduate students.

IAP Sections: Limited enrollment to 16. Preference to freshmen, sophomores, and declared concentrators. No listeners.

Units: 4-0-8(U); 5-0-4(G)



IAP 2014

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 E. Rafique MTWRF 10-1 16-668



Fall 2013

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 T. Aikawa
M. Ikeda-Lamm
Y. Nagaya
MTRF 9-10 4-249
2 T. Aikawa
Y. Nagaya
M. Ikeda-Lamm
MTRF 10-11 4-249
3 M. Ikeda-Lamm
Y. Nagaya
T. Aikawa
MTRF 12-1 4-249
4 Y. Nagaya
T. Aikawa
M. Ikeda-Lamm
MTRF 1-2 4-249


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