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21F.611: Russian I (Regular)

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Emphasizes the development of communicative and cultural competence, as well as mastery of the foundations of Russian grammar and vocabulary. Using video, internet resources, and varied cultural materials, students work on developing speaking, reading, and writing skills. Conducted in both Russian and English. Designed for students with no knowledge of Russian. Limited to 18.

Regular semester sections: Enrollment limited to 18 due to pedagogical reasons. Pre-registered students and students concentrating in Russian and Eurasian Studies will receive the priority. In case of over-enrollment, preference will be given in the following order: concentrators, pre-registered students (sophomores, juniors, freshmen, seniors, and graduate students).

IAP sections: Enrollment limited to 20. Students who plan to register for Russian II in the spring, students who are choosing a concentration in Russian language or Russian and Eurasian Studies, and students who have existing plans for a MISTI-Russia fellowship will receive priority in registration.

Units: 4-0-8(U)



Fall 2014

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 M. Khotimsky MTRF 11-12 1-379



IAP 2014

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 I. Katz MTWRF 12-3 16-676
2 A. Berg MTWRF 2-5 16-668



Fall 2013

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 I. Katz MTRF 10-11 14E-310
2 M. Khotimsky MTRF 1-2 5-234


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