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21F.617: Streamlined Russian for Scientists and Engineers (NEW)

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Designed for heritage speakers of Russian who have some basic knowledge of conversational Russian from growing up in a Russian-speaking environment, but do not have formal training in grammar. Covers the foundations of Russian spelling and grammar while developing professional vocabulary and communication skills for students in science and engineering fields. Conducted entirely in Russian. Limited to 18. Prereq: 21F.616 or permission of instructor

Prereqs:  21F.616 or permission of instructor

Enrollment limited to 18 due to pedagogical reasons. Priority is given to continuing students, concentrators, and pre-registered students. In case of over-enrollment, preference will be given in the following order: concentrators, pre-registered students (sophomores, juniors, freshmen, seniors, graduate students).

Units: 4-0-8(U)

HASS-D Lang. Opt.

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