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21F.711: Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition: Perspectives on Technology and Culture

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Focuses on expository and journalistic writing that examines the social and cultural impact of science and technology in Hispanic societies. Topics considered are: family structure and community, personal identity, gender relations, relationship to natural world, value systems and religion, education and work-life. Ethical implications of technological decision-making also discussed. Improves oral and written skills through discussions of audiovisual materials, simulations, interviews, guided compositions, regular journal writing, and participation on an online forum. Readings include: journalistic reports, essays, and literary selections offering diverse perspectives. Taught in Spanish. Enrollment limited. Prereq - 21F.704, 21F.774, or permission of instructor

Prereqs:  21F.704, 21F.774, or permission of instructor

Units: 3-0-9(U)



Spring 2014

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 M. Groeger TR 1-2:30 16-628


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