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21F.739J: Globalization and its Discontents: Spanish-speaking Nations

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Studies new paradigms of cultural exchange that have shaped Latin America in the 20th and 21st centuries. Examines how globalization is rapidly changing the identity of peoples and cultures in Spanish-speaking nations. Spotlights debates about human rights. Materials studied include film, fiction, essay, architectural archives, music and art. Students complete a research project about a specific aspect of Hispanic culture that has been shaped by contemporary forces in the global economy. Taught in Spanish with required readings and writing in Spanish. Prereq: One intermediate subject in Spanish or permission of instructor

Prereqs:  One intermediate subject in Spanish or permission of instructor

Units: 3-0-9(U)


Same As  21L.639J


Fall 2013

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 C. Pérez TR 1-2:30 56-167


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