Foreign Languages and Literatures at MIT

Japanese Requirements

Advisor:  Ian Condry

In light of the importance of foreign languages in today’s international world of science and engineering, the HASS Minor gives undergraduates a unique opportunity to combine a degree in science or engineering with a Minor in Japanese. The Minor in Japanese leads students who have already reached an intermediate level of proficiency (third semester or above) into a more advanced study of the language, literature, and culture. A minor in Japanese consists of six subjects arranged in 3 tiers each of which typically has to be represented in the minor. Please note that Japanese I & II do not count towards the Minor.

Advisor:  Masami Ikeda-Lamm

There are several concentration options, depending on whether your focus is language or literature and culture. A language concentration consists of 3 or 4 language classes, depending on your incoming language competence. An upper level concentration may include 3rd or 4th semester language plus upper level classes taught in the foreign language. Classes offered in English may, with prior approval, be applied towards fulfilling certain concentration requirements.

Study Abroad
Advisor:  Takako Aikawa

You may also consider spending a summer, a semester, or a year abroad. Credits received from most accredited programs will count towards your concentration if you consult with the Study Abroad Advisor in Japanese prior to your departure.

Transfer Credits
Examiner:  Takako Aikawa

Language Coordinator:  Yoshimi Nagaya

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