Welcome to Black Bemis

Old picture.

Bemis is the den of Krotus himself, the very heart of Fifth East.

Black Bemis is the sight of many strange goings-on...

In the Olden Dayes, there was the dangerous Fifth East Iditarod.
The Sled / The Dogs
There were also Giant Green Spool of Death races. The doubles tournament... "Look, Ma, no sense of self-preservation!"

~ 2005:

We carry on the fine tradition of loud and dangerous challenges of motor skill and strength. These guys (shown in Walcott in the process of going back to Bemis) would have loved the Green Spool of Death. Some people just prefer a good old-fashioned fight with weapons.

Speaking of loud, ask First or Third East about our popular Ultrabusting events! The Ultrabuster is a 100-kg iron pile driver that we like to stand on end (or if you're k0r3, pick up) and drop on stuff.

Bemis is also the haven of many animals, mostly psychotic cats but also lobsters.

By virtue of chalk, the walls of Bemis are now perpetually covered in various pronouncements, angst, equations, bizarre murals, and foreign languages.

Last modified 23 February 2005
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