Krotus is the spirit who inhabits Black Bemis. Krotus is our leader. Krotus fucks shit up.

The Krotus Devotional so all can know His words.


Krotus is also a numerical constant equal to 7.6.
An explanation follows.

An excerpt from the prose of Prune:

Subject: Post Revelation Meditation (Re: Krotus)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 13:46:02 EST

32 min 32 sec after the public statement made by Disciple Z5 revealing the true identity of Krotus, (person) ((username) wrote to Z5 the following message: "Huh?" Z5 sympathizes with this sentiment as he is himself was confused immediately after the divulgement. However, Z5 is a devoted Disciple of Krotus, and so he went in search of an explanation. In the mathematical realm, everything is relative. We must therefore choose (at random) a reference point. Let us take Satan, whose number is 666. Notice that the square of the absolute value of the square root of the expression [666/6+6+6] equals the number of non-punctuative symbols in our language. Using this number as a base for a translative number system, we see that Krotus (7.6 decimal) equals seven point O repeating. Krotus is therefore an infinite generator of circles, indeed the God of Circularity, from whom all things circular are generated. This means Krotus is the God of Donuts, Bagels, Roller Coasters, etc. From this we may deduce that those who follow Krotus do not reach Heaven (7) or Hell (6) but instead go around in circles forever somewhere in between. This is symbolized by the decimal point between 7 and 6. The decimal point is the ultimate degenerate-state circle reserved for permanence and immortality in which Krotus dwells, around which we as mortals swirl in circle after circle. Krotus is indeed the Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Center of the Ultraworld described by Orb. This is not to be confused with Azathoth, who rules from the center of the universe, nor Zeus (or God) who rules in heaven. Please be advised that this is only one possible explanation of why Krotus is 7.6. I do not know for sure why Krotus is 7.6.

Disciple Z5
Florey Child

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