Laboratory for Ship and Platform Flows


Department of Mechanical Engineering

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J. Nicholas Newman Honorary Volume


(All Articles will appear in a Special Issue of Journal of Engineering Mathematics in 2007)



A Biography of J. N. Newman

E. O. Tuck

University of Adelaide


Water Wave Problems, Their Mathematical Solution and Physical Interpretation

F. Ursell

Manchester University


A Nonlinear Theory for Unsteady Flexible Wing

Theodore Y. Wu

California Institute of Technology


On The Transport of Energy in Water Waves

Marshall P. Tulin

University of California at Santa Barbara


Subharmonic Resonance of a Trapped Wave Near a Vertical Cylinder by Narrow-Banded

Random Incident Waves

Yile Li and Chiang C. Mei

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Strip Theory for Underwater Vehicles in Water of Finite Depth

Jerome H. Milgram

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Free-Surface Wave Interaction with a Thick Flexible Dock or Very Large Floating Platform

A. J. Hermans

TU Delft


Slender Planing Surfaces

E. O. Tuck

University of Adelaide


Penetration of Flexural Waves Through a Periodically Constrained Thin Elastic Plates in

Vacuo and Floating on Water

D. V. Evans and R. Porter

University of Bristol


Computations for Large Amplitude Two-Dimensional Body Motions

Xinshu Zhang and Robert F. Beck

University of Michigan


The Influence of Gravity on the Performance of Planing Vessels in Calm Water

Hui Sun and Odd M. Faltinsen

Norwegian University of Science and Technology


On Helmholtz and Higher-Order Resonance of Twin Floating Bodies

Ronald W. Yeung and Robert K. M. Seah

University of California at Berkeley


Hydroelastic Analysis of Plates and Some Approximations

Rodney Eatock Taylor

University of Oxford


Motion Trapping Structures in the Three-Dimensional Water-Wave Problem

P. McIver and M. McIver

Loughborough University


A Note on Time Integrators in Water Wave Simulations

Didier Clamond, Dorian Fructus and John Grue

University of Oslo


Weak or Strong Non-Linearity: The Vital Issue

R. C. T. Rainey

Atkins Ltd.


Second-Order Wave Interaction with a Vertical Plate

B. Molin, F. Remy, O. Kimmoun

Ecole Generaliste d’Ingenieurs de Marseille


Optimal Control Theory Applied to Ship Maneuvering in Restricted Waters

Brian S. Thomas and Paul D. Sclavounos

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Transverse Instability of Gravity-Capillary Solitary Waves

Boguk Kim and T. R. Akylas

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


A 3D Numerical Model for Computing Non-Breaking Wave Forces on Slender Piles

Weihua Mo, Kai Irschik, Hocine Oumeraci, Philip L.-F. Liu

Cornell University


Second-Order Wagner Theory of Wave Impact

A. A. Korobkin

Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics


Wave Drift Force in a Two-Layer Fluid of Finite Depth

Masashi Kashiwagi

Kyushu University


On the Evaluation Quadratic Forces on Stationary Bodies

Chang-Ho Lee



On the Accuracy of Finite Difference Solutions for Nonlinear Water Waves

Harry B. Bingham and Haiwen Zhang

Technical University of Denmark


Experimental and Numerical Analyses of Sloshing Flows

Yonghwan Kim

Seoul National University