MIT I-Campus Project
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----We plan to develop a coordinated sequence of modular subjects to be used by graduate students from different departments, in order to reduce unnecessary overlap and to increase interdisciplinary exchanges.

----With extensive use of Information Technology, we further hope to change teaching and learning fluid mechanics from the unidirectional process to dynamic interactions among students and between students and instructors, using materials that are lively and stimulating.

----The modular subjects will cover basic, intermediate and some advanced topics, will give a unified introduction of modern tools of analytical, experimental and computational methodologies, and will include many examples showing the interrelations between seemingly different applications.

----Animated illustrations and computational exercises will be developed and incorporated in both class lectures and self-study projects. On-line and interactive software will be developed to enable more frequent interactions between instructors and students and among student themselves. Instruction materials will be open to authorized MIT and off-campus instructors to make additions.
Principal Investigator:
  Prof. Chiang C. Mei (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  RA: Guangda Li
Co-Principal Investigators:
  Prof. Triantaphyllos Akylas (Mechanical Engineering)
  RA: Karl Burr
  Prof. Paul C Joss (Physics)
  Prof. Heidi Nepf (Civil & Environmental Engineering )
  RA: Marco Ghisalberti
  Prof. John Bush (Applied Mathematics)  
  Prof. Ain Sonin (Mechanical Engineering)
  Prof. Dick K.P. Yue (Ocean Engineering)
  RA: Katarzyna Niewiadomska


Modules (under construction)
Waves Transport
Basic laws Low Re flows
High Re flows--ver. 1 Seepage flows
Coastal GFD Thermal effects
Linear instability Control volumes
Micro-physics of fluids Potential flows
Rotating Fluids--general Experimental techniques
Surface tension
High Re flows--ver. 2
Related Subjects
8.292J/12.330J Fluid physics

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