Vol. XI No. 1

September/October 1998

In This Issue:

Task Force on Student Life and Learning
Final Report Generates Comments and Controversy

A New Kind of Department To Bring
Biological Science Into Engineering

Leadership for the New Millennium

Electronic Bulletin Board Ready to go On-Line

From The Faculty Chair
Freshman Housing Decision Highlights Year of Change

Teach Talk
Something To Celebrate
Educational Expert Diana Laurillard Speaks at the

Dedication of the Teaching and Learning Triad

Teaching the Humanities at a Technological Institution

Admissions Update
Class of 2002: Outstanding and Diverse

Faculty Invited to Leonardo Dinner Lectures

Academic Computing Resources
For You and Your Students

Annals of Reengineering
SAP Requisitioning Has Begun

Faculty Invited to Participate in
Speech and Debate Open '98


M.I.T. Numbers
Interesting Facts About the Class of 2002


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