Vol. XI No. 5

April 1999

In This Issue:

The Freshman Connection:
An Experiment in Integrating Student Life and Learning

Going Public

Women in Science: Using the Report in the Classroom

Secret Meeting at MIT

From The Faculty Chair
A Letter to My Successor

Excerpts from responses to:
"A Study on the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT"

Teach Talk
Six Days to Bubble Gum Blowing
and Other Lessons in Learning

An Open Letter on "Communication"
and the New Requirement

The Year 2000 Team
Y2K: Questioning the Questioner

Toward a Master Plan for Libraries' Space

Testing an Electronic Reserve Service

New Financial Organization
to Coordinate Institute Financial Systems

M.I.T. Numbers
from the: MIT Alumni Survey – Graph #1
from the: MIT Alumni Survey – Graph #2

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