Vol. XII No. 4

April/May 2000

In This Issue:

Communication Given High Priority
Planning in the MIT Community
The Engineer of the Future

Redefining Ourselves

From The Faculty Chair
The Intellectual Property Dilemma

Teach Talk
Active Learning, Part III
What do the Students Think?

Faculty Pass Revisions in End-of-Term Regulations

New Initiatives To Improve Quality of Life at the Institute
Junior Faculty Research Leave
Expanding Daycare at MIT

From The Libraries
The DSpace Project

Committee on Student Affairs To Reassess its Role

Office of Corporate Relations Launches Faculty Liaison Plan

Reporting Outside Professional Activities

Education of Our Leaders in the Next Century

Student Leaders Report
Undergraduate Association
The Importance of Faculty-Student Interactions

Graduate Student Council
Faculty Advisors: How They Can Make a Difference


Faculty Newsletter Contest

M.I.T. Numbers
Comparative Library Expenditures for Like-Sized Institutions

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