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Thanks to the Faculty
from the Alumni Association

Louis Alexander

Every year a large number of faculty members go out of their way to make presentations to gatherings of MIT alumni both here on campus and in various settings around the world. This past year was certainly no exception, with 111 faculty and senior administrators taking part in these programs.

The Alumni Association cannot stress enough its deep thanks to all of you who have helped us, who continue to help us, and to those who would like to be a part of our programs but who for one reason or another have not been able to participate.

Clearly, without the support we receive from you, a key part of our relationship with alumni would not exist, for it is contact with you, the MIT faculty, that is the number one request we receive from our population. Let us extend a hearty thank you to all of the faculty, and especially to the ones listed below who made presentations for one of the many Association programs held this past year.

Tom Allen GM '66

Stephen Ansolabehere

Dante Anzolini

Dan Ariely

Lawrence Bacow '72 EC

Arthur Baggeroer EE '68

Larry Benedict

Suzanne Berger

Richard Binzel

Sam Bowring

William Brace '46 OE

Robert Brown

Louis Bucciarelli AA '66

Claude Canizares

Qingyan Chen

Joel Clark ML '72

Phillip Clay CP '75

Charles Cooney NT '70

Joseph Coughlin

Ernest Cravalho

William Cutter

Alexander d'Arbeloff '49 MG

Jesus Del Alamo

Michael Dertouzos EE '64

John Dower

Thomas Eagar '72 ML

Elfatih Eltahir CE '93

Alan Epstein '70 AA

Shaoul Ezekiel AA '68

Edward Farhi

Yoel Fink '00

Suzanne Flynn '83 CH

Ernest Frankel OE '60

Fred Frey

Robert Griffin

Linda Griffith

Eric Grimson MA '80

Jon Gruber '87 EC

Paula Hammond '84 CH

Fred Harris

Jerry Hausman

Michael Hawley '93

Diana Henderson

Philip Herr CP '59

Neville Hogan ME '77

Nancy Hopkins

Franz Hover ME '89

Richard Hynes LI '71

Hiroshi Ishii EE '65

Sandy Jap

Henry Jenkins

Leslie P. Kaelbling

Nancy Kanwisher '80 PS

Marc Kastner

S. Jay Keyser HM

Alvin Kibel

Eric Lander

Robert Langer CH '74

F. Thomson Leighton MA '81

Steven Lerman '72 CE

Donald Lessard

Stephen Lippard CM '65

Andrew Lippman '71 EE

Andrew Lo

Richard Locke PO '89

Tom Magnanti

Alec Marantz PL '81

David Marks

Charles Marshall

Earl Miller

David Mindell HU '96

William Mitchell

Shigeru Miyagawa

Mario Molina

Kenneth Morse '68 PO

Joel Moses MA '67

Takehiko Nagakura

Elly Nedivi

Dava Newman AA '89

Rosalind W. Picard

Ron Prinn CM '71

David Ralston

Robert Redwine

Margery Resnick

Heather Cox Richardson

Harriet Ritvo

Richard Samuels PO '80

Ram Sasisekharan

Richard Schmalensee '65 EC

Henrik Schmidt

Michael Schrage

Norbert Schulz

Harald Schwalbe

Andrew Scott

Bob Simha CP '57

Alexander Slocum '82 ME

Janet Sonenberg

S. Mark Spearing

Jeffrey Steinfeld '62 CM

Peter Stone

Timothy Swager

Lester Thurow HM '91

Sam Ting

Franz-Josef Ulm

Kim Vandiver OE '69

Charles Vest HM

Eric von Hippel ME '68

Robert Weinberg '64 LI

Rainer Weiss '55 PH

Elizabeth Wood CP '97

Maria Zuber

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