Task Force on Campus Security

John R. Curry, Executive Vice President, Chair

Laura A. Avakian, Vice President for Human Resources

Larry G. Benedict, Dean for Student Life

James D. Bruce, Vice President for Information Systems

Kenneth C. Campbell, Director, News Office

Phillip L. Clay, Chancellor

Isaac M. Colbert, Dean for Graduate Students

Jaime E. Devereaux, President, Undergraduate Association

John E. Driscoll, Acting Chief of Campus Police

Anne P. Glavin, Director of Public Safety

Stephen C. Graves, Chair of the Faculty

Stephen D. Immerman, Director of Enterprise Services

Jamie Lewis Keith, Managing Director for Environmental Programs and Risk Management, and Senior Counsel

William Kettyle, Medical Director, MIT Medical

David Litster, Vice President and Dean for Research

Robert P. Redwine, Dean for Undergraduate Education

Richard J. Samuels, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for International Studies

Dilan A. Seneviratne, President, Graduate Student Council

Victoria V. Sirianni, Chief Facilities Officer

Janet L. Snover, Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President

Sheila E. Widnall, Institute Professor

Kathryn A. Willmore, Vice President and Secretary of the Institute

Patrick H. Winston, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science