Vol. XIV No. 4

April/May 2002

Special Edition
This issue of the Faculty Newsletter is devoted to responses to the Reports of the Committees on the Status of Women,
as invited by Faculty Chair Steve Graves and the Editorial Committee for this issue. Only the Overview is included here;
the complete reports can be found on the Web at:

A Faculty Newsletter Electronic Bulletin Board will be created for additional responses, and will be updated daily.
Please submit commentary via e-mail to:

In This Issue:
The Status of Women Faculty at MIT:
An Overview of Reports from the Schools of Architecture and Planning;
Engineering; Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; and the Sloan School of Management

From The Faculty Chair
Women and MIT: Role of the Department Head

Women and MIT: Some History

Situation Improving in EECS

Rebuilding the "MIT Faculty Club"

A Proud Day for MIT

Random Faculty Dinner Discussion Devoted to Reports on Gender

The More Things Change . . .?

Changing the Culture at MIT

On Women in the ME Department

The Sloan Glass: Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Progress Report

Cumulative Effects of Apparently Small Events

MIT Does It Differently

Learning from the Student Admissions Process

Digits of Pi: Barriers and Enablers for Women in Engineering

Gender Discrimination and Gender Bias: Different Sides of the Same Coin

Student Leaders Report
Undergraduate Association
Faculty Gender Inequality: A Student Perspective

Graduate Student Council
Increase in Female Graduate Students Would Set Trend

M.I.T. Numbers
Percent Women at MIT By Major Category, 1983-2002


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