Vol. XV No. 2

October/November 2002

In This Issue:

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter continues the theme of research at MIT
with the overview of his school by Dean Khoury, Professor Sheila Widnall's testimony to Congress,
and an overview of the OCR Knowledgebase. We hope to publish an overview from Dean Mitchell
of the School of Architecture and Planning in the future.


School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Some Comments on the Organization and Direction of Research

Testimony Before the House Committee on Science

Research Database Provides Entire Institute
Information on Faculty Research Projects


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We Need Your Help

From The Faculty Chair
Our Good Fortune

Teach Talk
Enhanced Conceptual Understanding

Language, Film, and Technology Workshop
Aligns Humanists with Cambridge-MIT Institute

M.I.T. Numbers
Average Faculty Salary By Rank


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