Vol. XV No. 3

December/January 2003

In This Issue:

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter continues the theme of research at MIT with an
overview of The Media Laboratory by its director. We plan to publish overviews of other laboratories and centers
in future issues. We would also like to welcome the following new members of the Newsletter Editorial Board:
Alice Amsden, Jeanne Bamberger, and Dave Marks, and encourage other faculty to join us by contacting
any member of the
Editorial Board or by e-mailing us at fnl@mit.edu.

Research at MIT
The Media Laboratory

Faculty Assistance Sought as Libraries Respond to
Pressures from Commercial Publishers

If You're Teaching This Spring You Should Know . . .

Journals Purchasing Environment Poses New Problems to Faculty Research

Computer Viruses Can (and Have!) Destroyed Faculty Research Results

Excellence Awards Honor Faculty and Others

OpenCourseWare Update
A Vision Fulfilled


Administrative News Shorts

M.I.T. Numbers
Graduate Students Per Faculty
Percent Tenured Faculty


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