Vol. XV No. 5

April/May 2003

In This Issue:

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter continues our look at research at the Institute with overviews of four programs, and through an expanded M.I.T. Numbers section. We also introduce a new feature, Poetry in the Faculty Newsletter!. In addition, we'd like to welcome our newest member of the Newsletter Editorial Board, Heidi Nepf, and encourage other faculty to join us by contacting any member of the Editorial Board or by e-mailing us at fnl@mit.edu.

Remarks at MIT's 29th Annual Celebration
of the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rafael Bras New Chair of the Faculty

Committee on Student Life
Building Our MIT Community

To "Humanize" the Institute

From The Faculty Chair
Final Thoughts

Teach Talk
MIT Has a Teacher Education Program?

Poetry in the Faculty Newsletter!

International Education at MIT

Energy Research at MIT: A Scenario for Growth

MIT's Video-On-Demand Website: MIT World


Research at MIT
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

The Bates Linear Accelerator Center

Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development

The Singapore-MIT Alliance


OpenCourseWare Update
Measuring Long-Term Success

Some Reflections on the Issue of Housing at MIT
Housing Problems for MIT Staff

M.I.T. Numbers
Research Expenditures on Campus: Percent of Total by Major Sponsor
Research Expenditures on Campus: Department of Defense
Research Expenditures on Campus: Department of Energy
Research Expenditures on Campus: Industry
Research Expenditures on Campus: National Science Foundation

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