Vol. XVI No. 1

September 2003

In This Issue:

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features an interview with the MIT medical director and a thought-provoking Teach Talk article by Professor Warren Seering. A report on the results of the Newsletter review committee appointed by President Vest and commentary by Associate Provost for the Arts Alan Brody on the role of the arts in education, are also included. In "Why Compose?" by Professor Peter Child, we offer links to the original music about which he writes, and we have another edition of our feature introduced last spring, MIT Poetry. We are also providing a PDF version of the printed Newsletter (which differs in some respects from the articles on our Website) for ease of printing.

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Interview with Medical Director William M. Kettyle

Teach Talk
Redefining Engineering

From The Faculty Chair
Our Faculty Agenda

Committee Completes Newsletter Review

Teaching this fall? You should know . . .

Art In Education, Education In Art

Why Compose?

MIT Poetry
Of Two Minds

Letter Questions Institute ROTC Policy

Course Websites and Community Values

OpenCourseWare Update
The Road Less Traveled


While You Were Away . . .

Thank You for Another Great Year

M.I.T. Numbers
Distribution of Faculty by Age
Undergraduate Participation in Research

Editorial Board
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