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January / February 2005
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Nuclear Engineering Department Changes Its Name

The Department of Nuclear Engineering has changed its name to the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE).

According to Department Chair Ian Hutchinson, "This is a change that the department has desired and promoted for a number of years, and unanimously endorsed on three separate occasions. In November, the request was discussed without dissent at the MIT faculty meeting and approved by the Executive Committee of the MIT Corporation in December."

Hutchinson lists three major reasons for the name change: "First, the phrase Nuclear Science and Engineering is a more accurate representation of the mission of the department, expressed in our strategic plan. Second, the breadth represented by the name Nuclear Science and Engineering is a better description of what we already do. Third, the name Nuclear Science and Engineering is widely accepted and understood by those inside and outside the field as describing our discipline."

Hutchinson also assures, "We are still one hundred percent the Nuclear department at MIT. But our new name conveys the exciting diversity of research and development in the discipline of nuclear science and engineering."

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