Welcome to the TinFoil project


Keep the government out of my head and my stuff!

This page is for my Dissertation, which is centered around designing and implementing useful privacy and security tools to generate an end-to-end solution for RFID applications. The name comes from two inspirations (and thanks to Joseph Sokol-Margolis):

  1. The flavor of paranoia that causes crazy people to wear AFDB (Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanies) to keep the government/aliens/your mom from beaming mind-control rays into your head.
  2. The fact that you can silence most RFID tags simply with a small swatch of aluminum foil.
Tinfoil is designed to attack the problem at three different points Tinfoil is written in Java. The only module that is ready for public use is TorLib which is useful in its own right.