The Founder's Journey



We asked students “Please write a 1-liner testimonial summing up this semester, something we might use on our website or a FAQ to inform other students who are curious about this class”. Here’s what we received (unedited)…

Be inspired and coached by the country's top entrepreneurs to get your ideas out into the world.
If you are unsure whether or not entrepreneurship is for you, then you can be sure 6.933 is for you. The experience of getting to hear from as many different characters as we did this semester will, more than any book, competition, or article, help you make that decision.
It's a chance to get comfortable seeing yourself as a founder.
If you ever wanted to be inspired to project your dreams onto the world.
Learn from the advice of successful entrepreneurs who have made it through the thick and thin.
The founders journey gives you real life experiencing unlike any other class. Alternatively If you have any interest in creating a startup, this is the perfect place to get your ideas off the ground.
A class about stories, and how some of the most brilliant never had a crazy, amazing, well developed plot at all.
The Founder's Journey is THE class to take at MIT; it is a class that can only be taught at MIT.
Founder's Journey offers an intimate look at the startup process from the eyes of a dizzying variety of startup founders and entrepreneurs.
Recommend the class to anyone who is looking to start their own company soon as it helps you think about all the decisions you would have to make during the process and you have different perspectives that you can look into to help you make those decisions.
Don't ask anyone what they thought about the class, if you do you will miss out. Its a great time and it is special to each and every one in the class.
Unlike other classes at MIT, you learn things in this class that aren't written in textbooks.
An amazing class that is rewarding not just for people hell-bent on starting companies.
Absolutely inspiring and encourages you to go out of your comfort-zone.
This class has taught me the true value of friendship.
This class will help you realize what you already know, and motivate you to bring your ideas to reality.
If you want to start thinking like a founder, take this class.
Start-up your dreams by taking Founder's journey this semester.
Founders Journey is about connecting with people who have similar interests. You will get as much out as you put in into this class
An eclectic experience of learning from real entrepreneurs and learning to work with a group of people in creating something great
FJ is the most practical course I've taken at MIT, but you have to be careful because you don't know what you're getting yourself into - it can be life changing.
It’s the only class I took that I could not have taught to myself
Come for the inspiration, stay for the pizza.
Founder's Journey is an amazing opportunity to pick knowledge from the experts in the field of entrepreneurship.
An amazing opportunity that provides guidance and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.
This is class is like no another.
I never thought a single class could change the entire direction of my life.
You will leave Founder's Journey with a lingering interest in the startup arena and with the mindset of, "I can do it."
The good, the bad and the ugly about entrepreneurship.
Founder's Journey changed my life and career path by making me evaluate what was important to me and help me pursue the start up dream.
Founder's Journey: better than a two-year MBA at HBS
Having practiced product marketing in this class, i feel more prepared for my 2.009 product launch next year.
Founder's Journey is the first class you will mention when someone asks you what awesome classes you can take at MIT
Founder's Journey is about connecting to people, not about hearing lectures.
Founder's Journey was an amazing class that demystifies entrepreneurship, while jump starting one's network.
A semester of story telling and critical thinking --- the best way to "learn" entrepreneurship and get inspired.
A must-take course for technically minded individuals looking to have maximal impact on the world with their ideas.
The Founder's Journey was an awesome experience that allowed me to come into contact with amazing people and opened my eyes to the world of startups.
This class shows you the process of being a founder and brings in amazing speakers who can show you the path.
Founder's Journey doesn't teach you how to be successful, but it does provide the energy, the catalyst, that just push you over the edge to commit to that idea you believe in.
Founder's journey is the class where u gain the experience of number of successful founders in just one semester.
Founders Journey gave me the courage to join a startup that I am passionate about after I graduate, rather than taking an entry level position at a bank
This class takes the first step to make you become well-equipped as a founder.
I approached this class as a series of individual lectures I really wanted to attend.
A power-packed interactive semester with various business gurus!
Founder's Journey is class that takes your through the trials and tribulations, and sometimes successes, that come with an entrepreneurial journey.
One cannot make all mistakes on their own.. one must learn from others
Who wouldn't stay engaged in a classroom, where, twice a week, a once in a lifetime experience takes place?
If I had not taken Founder's Journey, my journey through MIT would have been incomplete.
This class will pop the little MIT bubble you live in.
Great way to get exposed to many of the issues, insights and challenges in the world of entrepreneurship.
It is absolutely inspiring!
A crash course in the thoughts, ideas and strategies that have launched the startups shaping your reality.
A class where you will learn to avoid the most common mistakes in startups.
You haven't entirely planned it out. Your idea may be worthless. And you're going to know exactly what to do about it.
Having taken three other entrepreneurial classes at Sloan, I know that Ken's class is by far the most effective method to teach entrepreneurship.
MIT's most star-studded class with real, applicable advice for future entrepreneurs.
If you want to learn what the entrepreneurial spirit is and get excited about it, start a company. If you haven't started a company, take Founder's Journey.
There's no way to learn about entrepreneurship except doing it...and taking Founder's Journey.
Founder's Journey really inspires you to explore the world of entrepreneurship. Every MIT student should take it- it's fun, you'll always want to come to class, you'll meet lots of cool speakers, and make some great friends.
One of the biggest hurdles for new entrepreneurs is figuring out that they need to actually act. Other courses help you build a framework for making decisions once you've cleared that initial barrier; The Founder's Journey does that too, but more importantly it helps you understand how, when, and why to "just go for it".
The Fouder's Journey is not an 'eye-opening experience', don't expect any revelations. It's a slow and sometimes painful process of building up the courage, the team and the skills to go out and start doing something.
This class has changed my mindset about starting a company, it is surely a challenging process, but I now think I am equipped to do it.
The most memorable, interesting and useful class you will ever take at MIT.

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