Outside of circuits, I enjoy arts, crafts, sports, and nature, among other things. I tend to gravitate towards sports involving getting from A to B in an interesting way, such as ice skating, sailing, biking, running, or climbing. Unfortunately, I'm a pretty slow swimmer.

I like art that is very expressive and imaginative, such as in impressionism. Sometimes this means vibrant colors and sometimes this means a desaturated palette.

You can also find me at Sunday worship service at BCEC. I'm very grateful to God for making me a part of this world, and allowing me to study how nature works and play a role in improving our stewardship over it. In addition to the four Gospel accounts in the Bible, I am also drawn to the topics discussed in Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

Here's some cell-phone photos I've taken while biking to along the Charles River Esplanade on the way to church, though they aren't able to capture the vibrance of the scenery with the pinhole optics and limited dynamic range of the sensors.

Site History

I first began scripting this website back in 1999, in the days of dialup. This website began as a collection of my early computer programming projects, including board game AIs and raycasting-based pseudo-3D rendering. It has gone through several revisions over the years as both the web and I grew up.

This current layout uses dark shades of red in a minimalist center-column layout style. Perhaps someday I should make a gallery of different versions of this site's layout over time. At one point, during high school, the layout featured bold primary colors and modern-leaning sans-serif fonts.


Steve Levine, Falstad physics and circuits simulator, MIT Graduate Christian Fellowship