Message from: Alicia V
About: United States responses

Mon, 2 Mar 98 11:28:03 EST

Hello all!
I thought it was interesting that the french responses
to "Les Etats Unis" contained a fair amount of Hollywood
references, where the American responses have none. The
film industry is a powerful part of America, so it is
strange that it does not leap to the americans' minds when
thinking about their country. I also noticed there are more
negative references from the Americans, rude and arrogant,
etc, and more positive and idealistic references from the
French, les belles voitures, le reve americain, opportunite,
etc. Are these positive references what you just associate
with America, but not in a serious way? Or even in a
sarcastic way? Or do you actually believe that there is
more opportunity and freedom in America?