Message from: Leena V K
About: banlieue / suburbs

Tue, 03 Mar 1998 12:55:05 -0500


It was really interesting to see how the response to this word could be
on two totally different ends. It seems that in France, most people
live in the city and the city also functions as a meeting place. In the
US, we have several different types of meeting places. The most common
being our school or college. It is here that I meet up with almost all
of my friends on a regular basis.
In addition, when I think of inner city, I basically come up with the
same responses as the French did in response to suburb. I find this to
be fascinating.
I never really thought of a major city as a place to live in. I saw it
more as a place of business. People work in the city, but live in the
I was also curious to know what is actually considered a suburb.
Here, I may say that I live in Los Angeles, but what I really mean is
that I live in a suburb of Los Angeles. When you say that you live in
Paris, do you really live in the city of Paris itself? I am still not
clear on this point.