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Our team can only continue to thrive with the generous support of academic, personal, and corporate donors.

Engineering our Future

The problem with traditional education is that students don’t get the hands-on experience necessary to tackle real-world challenges. Design skills and problem solving go beyond what is taught in the classroom, and with the global challenges of today, it is important that we continue to produce highly-skilled engineers, especially those who have the ability to think creatively. MIT Motorsports team members learn the valuable design ingenuity that can only come from working on real-world projects, while still maintaining the practical elements of budgets, deadlines, fundraising, and teamwork.

Global Impact

The expertise that team members gain by being involved with MIT Motorsports are carried with them away from the team. Current students spend summers as interns, and alumni are sought after by companies around the world. Companies where MIT Motorsports team members have made an impact include: Apple, BMW, Boeing, Bose, Caterpillar, Chrysler, Disney, Ford, General Motors, Google, NASA, Nissan, Raytheon, Schlumberger, SpaceX, Tesla, Toyota, and more.

Why sponsor us?

As MIT students, team members are already some of the top engineers in the world. Formula SAE only adds to the MIT experience by providing hands-on engineering that one would not be able to get from the classroom. Thus as a sponsor, your company will be directly linked to these engineers and team members will get exposure to your company and your products. Team members’ interests range anywhere from the automotive industry to the biomedical industry, and regardless of industry, the leadership and engineering experience can be applied anywhere.

Annual Budget

  • Chassis
    • Frame: $2,000
    • Suspension: $8,000
    • Wheels and Tires: $5,000
    • Brakes: $2,000
    • Fasteners: $1,500
  • Power + Drivetrain
    • Motors: $17,500
    • Batteries: $25,000
    • Motor Controllers: $11,500
    • Axles: $1,000
    • Electronic Components: $8,000
  • Ergonomics
    • Body: $5,000
    • Driver Harness: $800
    • Driver Safety Gear: $4,000
    • Seat: $1,000
    • Steering Wheel: $400
  • Logistics
    • Tooling: $5,000
    • Competition Expenses: $10,000
    • Outreach: $2,500
    • Uniforms: $2,500
  • Total: $116,300


The Edgerton Center sustains many of the independent student-design teams across campus with both monetary and administrative support. If it were not for this support over the years, MIT Motorsports could not have developed into the team we are today. The Edgerton Center truly embodies the spirit which makes MIT such a special institution.

Gold Sponsors

With MIT Mechanical Engineering, MIT Motorsports is fortunate to be supported by a department that fosters the development of skills beyond the classroom. The team's faculty advisor, Prof. Amos Winter, demonstrates the commitment of the faculty to the students by supporting the team.
Altium develops advanced EDA (electronic design automation) software. They provide our team with software and support to enable us to quickly and accurately produce circuit boards for prototyping and final design. As our electric racecar incorporates increasingly advanced electronics, better software allows us to train our electrical engineers on industry-standard tools to prepare them for the workforce.

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors


Alumni Advisors

In addition to our faculty support, we are indebted to helpful alumni of the team who have come back to educate and advise us.

Andrew Carlson

Keith Durand

Brian Sennett