The focus of research in the White lab is the quantitative analysis of protein phosphorylation events regulating signal transduction cascades associated with cancer and other biological processes. With our mass spectrometry-based technology, analysis of protein phosphorylation occurs on a global scale, allowing for quantitative mapping of complex signal transduction cascades in a variety of biological samples. Currently, we are applying this technology to understand signaling processes regulating biological response to exogenous stimuli in a variety of cancer models systems. Although a significant amount of work will be done in human cell lines, we will also analyze signaling networks in tumors derived from mouse cancer models, with the eventual goal of analyzing staged human clinical samples. Elucidation of signal transduction cascades involved in oncogenesis, cancer progression, and metastasis will generate both novel drug targets and a host of biological markers, allowing for early diagnosis and tracking of cancer progression. A variety of other applications will be pursued, including mapping the phosphorylation events associated with development of Type I and Type II diabetes.

Recent Publications

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