2016 Letter of Solidarity

18 November 2016

Dear GCWS communities,

We, the representatives of the Board of Directors of the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality (GCWS) at MIT, are committed to the practices of academic freedom and social justice. We stand in solidarity with our faculty, staff, and student communities across our member institutions and with all people whose dignity and rights have been increasingly threatened by forces that seek to destroy the values of equity, justice, and freedom. In alignment with our mission, we continue our active, collective academic labor of countering all the forms of hate that are flourishing in the present political, social context.

We are committed in all our endeavors to providing welcome and safety to all members of our community who are targeted by practices of hate and bigotry. In keeping, we pledge to continue to denounce all forms of discrimination: religious, racial, gender, sexual, age, class, ability, nationality, documentation, citizenship, and others. We ask our member institutions to join us in highlighting these commitments.  

As a collective, we draw on our shared expertise, wisdom, and vision to educate, learn, and struggle toward a more just and equitable future for all people.  

In solidarity,

Sabina Vaught
   GCWS Board Co-Chair
Associate Professor and Chair of Education, and Director of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Tufts University

Jo Trigilio
   GCWS Board Co-Chair
Director of Gender and Cultural Studies, Simmons College

Sandy Alexandre
   GCWS Representative for MIT
Associate Professor of Literature, MIT

Caroline Bicks
  GCWS Representative for Boston College
Associate Professor of English, Boston College

Chris Bobel
  GCWS Representative for UMass Boston
Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, UMass Boston

Genevieve Clutario
  GCWS Representative for Harvard University
Assistant Professor of History and History and Literature, Harvard University

Catherine Connell
  GCWS Representative for Boston University
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Boston University

Karen V. Hansen
  GCWS Representative for Brandeis University
Professor of Sociology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Brandeis University

Berna Turam
   GCWS Representative for Northeastern University
Professor of Sociology and International Affairs, Northeastern University

Andi Sutton
   GCWS Program Manager




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