Workshop for Dissertation Writers in Women's and Gender Studies

Fall/Spring: Mondays, 4–6 p.m., September 19, 2005–March 20, 2006

This workshop is designed to address the main challenges faced by dissertation writers: isolation, getting on a regular writing schedule, and formulating clear arguments. In addition, it addresses the unique challenges of research and writing in women's and gender studies. This workshop provides an opportunity for members to exchange ideas and experiences with others working in women's studies, to learn general principles of academic argument, and to receive feedback on their work. Open to graduate students in the early, middle, or late phases of dissertation writing. Enrollment is limited to ten students.

Mary Ballou is a full professor of counseling psychology at Northeastern University, where she has been deeply involved with developing both the masters and doctoral programs to include multiple levels of influence on individuals. She has published widely in feminist psychology and is a national leader in the development of feminist therapy. She has published five books and numerous chapters and articles. Her current scholarly intrigue addresses ethics and epistemology in multiple methods in questions of knowledge generation and validation. In addition to teaching and scholarship, Ballou practices feminist psychology in counseling and consulting. Dr. Ballou is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and holds an American Board of Professional Psychology Diplomate in Counseling Psychology.
Note: This workshop meets thirteen times over two semesters. Dates for each class time will be determined by class consensus.

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