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Graduate-level GCWS Courses

GCWS offers interdisciplinary, team-taught graduate-level seminars to students enrolled in graduate programs at our member institutions.  Our faculty explicitly integrate gender analysis with issues of class, race, culture, ethnicity, and sexualities, and consider the practical implications of feminist theory.  Courses are designed to open paths to the creation of new knowledge and provide intellectual support for students pursuing feminist work within the framework of traditional disciplines.

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GCWS Micro-Seminars

GCWS Micro-Seminars are a new pilot program for the 2016-2017 academic year. These are five-week, un-graded, graduate-level reading, writing, and discussion-based graduate seminars organized around specific themes in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Some may be tied to speaker series, film screenings, new book publications, or other points of focus. These seminars, lead by GCWS member institution faculty, explore feminist, queer, or other gender and sexuality related lines of inquiry. Specifically, they provide students and instructors the opportunity to delve deeply into ideas not encountered in existing courses at their home institutions. Seminars are open to member institution graduate students, seniors in WGS or a related major, and to faculty. Priority enrollment will be given to graduate students.

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More about GCWS Courses

“I’ve enjoyed being in a class of people with very different perspectives but who all shared an interest in and commitment to feminist research.”
- GCWS student

Our Seminars offer MIT graduate credit to students enrolled at our participating institutions. Cross-registration and credit arrangements vary by institution. Students should consult with the Consortium staff and their academic advisors. Full participation in the seminar is expected of all students, regardless of credit status.




Graduate students at participating institutions are eligible to apply. Doctoral students receive priority; masters students and advanced undergraduates may be admitted if space permits. Auditors will not be admitted unless under the special permission of all faculty for the course. Each Consortium seminar is limited to 20.  Find out about your institution’s cross registration policies here. (link: cross-registration)

Applications and Deadlines

Students must apply online for GCWS courses.  Applications are reviewed by the faculty team of each course and applying students are notified within days of the application deadline. 

2017-2018 Application Deadlines

Fall application deadline: August 21st, 2017
Spring application deadline: January 3rd, 2018

Applications received after the priority deadline will be reviewed on a rolling admission basis until the seminar is filled. Those not admitted or put on a waiting list will be contacted by email immediately following the decision.  Click here to fill out a course application.

“This class has changed my outlook on not only my personal life, but my academic one as well. I now have a new critical approach to my scholarly ambitions.”
- GCWS student


More about GCWS Micro-Seminars

Micro-seminar structure and location:
Seminars meet for two hours, once a week, over five consecutive weeks at one of our GCWS member institutions. In 2016-17, our four micro-seminars will be hosted at Boston College, Tufts University, The Harvard Graduate School of Education, and MIT.  Specific building and room assignments are listed with the micro-seminar descriptions where available. 

Enrollment and assessment:
Participating students will receive a certificate of completion from the GCWS, stamped with the MIT seal. No credit is associated with participation in these seminars. These micro-seminars focus on participation in the absence of formal assessment and provide opportunities to explore subject areas in an in-depth, concentrated manner.

Graduate students enrolled in any department and degree program at GCWS member institutions may apply.  Undergraduate seniors doing work in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies or related major are eligible and encouraged to apply. Faculty may also join, space-permitting.

How to apply:
Students will apply through the GCWS web site through the GCWS microseminar application page.

     Application deadline for Fall 2016 Micro-Seminars:  September 9th, 2016
     Application deadline for Spring 2017 Micro-Seminars:  December 15th, 2016

2016-2017 Micro-Seminars:

Sex Panics and Social Control
Taught by Catherine Connell, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Boston University
Wednesdays, 5 – 7 PM (9/21/16 – 10/19/16)
*Meets at Boston College*

Who Can Play? Race, Gender, Sports, and Bodies
Taught by Jo Trigilio, Director of Gender/Cultural Studies at Simmons College and Senior Lecturer of Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies;
Tuesdays, 7 – 9 PM (10/18/16 – 11/15/16)
*Meets at Tufts University*

Compulsory: Education and the Dispossession of Youth in a Prison School: A reading with the author
Taught by Sabina Vaught, Associate Professor of Education at Tufts University
Fridays, 10 – 12 PM (2/3/17 – 3/3/17)
*Meets at the Harvard Graduate School of Education*

Critical Menstruation Studies
Taught by Chris Bobel, Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston
Wednesdays, 6 – 8 PM (3/22/17 – 4/19/17)
*Meets at MIT*





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