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General Information

Parking on Campus
Free parking is available at MIT at select lots after 5:00 PM. The parking lot closest to most GCWS classrooms is the Hayward Lot which is located on Hayward Street in Kendall Square between Main Street and Amherst Street. Students or faculty coming to campus for seminars or meetings before 5 PM will need to use parking meters. The closest parking meters are available on Ames Street, Main Street, Vassar Street, and Massachusetts Avenue or may park for free along Memorial Drive.

Cafés and Meeting Places on Campus

MIT and Kendall Square have several cafés that are within walking distance of GCWS classrooms.  These are:

MIT Campus
Forbes Café, Stata Center: Corner of Main St. and Vassar St.
R&D Pub: 4th floor of the Stata Center
Café 4: Building 4, MIT Central Campus, Infinite Corridor
Food Trucks (Clover, Jerusalem Café, Joe’s Taqueria, Gooseberry’s): Clarendon Street, behind MIT Medical
MIT Campus Center: Across from 77 Massachusetts Avenue

Kendall Square
Sebastian’s: Corner of Main St. and Ames St.
Au Bon Pain: Main St, Kendall Square
Starbucks: Marriott Hotel, Kendall Square

Course Meeting Times

Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies courses are normally scheduled for the late afternoon and evening hours. Consult your syllabus for holidays and breaks, which may not correspond with your institution's academic calendar.

Directions to Classrooms

Most GCWS seminars take place at MIT campus. Classroom locations can be found on the MIT campus map.  Contact the GCWS for specific directions to the classroom.

Link to the MIT campus map

Library, Study Areas, Phones

Although the GCWS does not include cross-institutional library privileges, unless otherwise noted in your registration materials, you may visit the Hayden library at MIT as a guest. The Hayden library has a photocopy machine. It is located in Building 14.  Students at institutions that are eligible for Boston library consortium cards may check out books at the MIT library.  There are also several study areas throughout campus such as the first floor of the Stata Center (32 Vassar Street) and a first floor lounge in Building 10.  Public pay phones are located in the buildings in various locations.   Unless a member of the Boston library consortium, students in GCWS course *do not* have borrowing privileges at the MIT. All GCWS students do not have borrowing privileges at the Harvard libraries.  


Remember that MIT, Kendall Square, and Harvard Square are densely populated, urban areas that are not immune to violence and crime. Take care to walk in groups when possible, stay in well-lighted areas and on well-traveled routes, and be aware of your surroundings. Please report safety concerns to the GCWS staff.

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