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Building intellectual community:
gcwsfeministboston - a listserv for feminist academic Boston

We are launching a new listserv, gcwsfeministboston, to help connect feminist professors, program coordinators, students and researchers throughout the greater Boston area and to provide an easy mechanism for the distribution of events, ideas, and opportunities of interest to list members.

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THE PURPOSE OF gcwsfeministboston

The goal of gcwsfeministboston is to provide a forum for intellectual exchange and resource-sharing among feminist academics and scholars in the Boston area. Our hope is that this listserv becomes a go-to information source and community-building mechanism for anyone interested in the field of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.


ยท All content of posts ought to adhere to the purpose of the listserv, whose focus is primarily to provide a regional forum for communication to those interested in academic feminism, gender studies, and sexuality studies. Joan Korenman, who founded and continues to operate WMST-L [the women's studies listserv], has compiled a lengthy list of online gender-related forums.

A) This list is moderated and all messages must be approved by the moderator[s] before being posted. The moderator[s] reserves the right to not post content that violates the guidelines or is judged to be inappropriate, offensive, or falls outside the purview of the purpose of the listserv.

B) Please always use a subject heading and always put your name and e-mail address at
the end of every posting. Unsigned [i.e. anonymous] messages will not be posted.

gcswfeministboston welcomes posts with the following content:

1) local and regional conferences, public lectures, cultural events, and workshops hosted by educational institutions and non-profit organizations
2) Local and regional film screenings
3) Information about local and regional departments and programs in women's, gender, LGBT, sexuality studies, race, and ethnic studies
4) Job openings
5) Calls for papers
6) Discussion, analysis, and critique of books, articles, documentaries, films
7) Exchange of ideas, resources, and thoughts on teaching, curriculum, and pedagogy

Please do not post the following content:

1) Announcements for non-academic community events, political events, and social events. Forums these kinds of events already exist. The Queeragenda [], for example, posts many types of feminist-related announcements.
2) Commercial Advertisements of any kind [except for personal "my book/film just came out!" announcements]
3) Petitions
4) Debates on political and social issues. [For example, this is not the appropriate forum for debates on whether viewing pornography is compatible with being a feminist. On the other hand, this is an appropriate forum for discussing academic books and articles on the topic].
5) Virus warnings or chain letters
6) Attachments of any kind
7) Copyrighted Material
8) Sexually explicit, offensive, demeaning, insulting or intimidating e-communications, ethnic or racial slurs, or anything that harasses or disparages others.
9) Content that is abusive or threatens the safety of a person or persons

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