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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the MIT Report? What is the School of Science Report?

  2. In 1995, as the result of questions posed by the faculty women in the School of Science, the dean of the school established a committee to analyze the status of women faculty in the school's six departments (biology; chemistry; physics; mathematics; earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences; brain and cognitive sciences). In 1999, after five years of work by the original committee and its successors, a report of the findings was published. This report is variously referred to as the MIT report or the School of Science report; its formal name is "A Study on the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT."

    For a summary of the report's key findings, see History: School of Science Report. To read or download the report in its entirety, see "A Study on the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT."


  3. How were the nine schools who participated in the Presidents Workshop on Gender Equity in Academic Science and Engineering selected?

  4. In planning the January workshop, we wanted only a small group of participants, and we were not at all sure that our invitations would be accepted. So the institutions we chose—very informally and without careful research—were a handful where engineering and science are important faculty presences, and which we thought would be most likely to be interested in participating in our experiment.

  5. When is the next meeting of the nine-school group?

    At this point, there are no plans for another workshop.

  6. Can my institution become part of the nine-school consortium?

  7. We have received quite a few inquiries from institutions who would like to be included in future workshops. If another workshop is held, we will consider a wider range of institutions, including those institutions that have already contacted us in this regard.

  8. Can I get a copy of the proceedings of the January 2001 Presidents Workshop?

  9. No workshop proceedings have been released.

  10. How can I request a member of the MIT faculty to speak at my workshop/seminar/conference?

    We are overwhelmed with such requests, and regret that we are unlikely to be able to accommodate you.

    See Contact Us for further information.

  11. My institution wants to launch a gender equity initiative. What advice or guidance is available?

    The reports of the gender equity committees of all 5 Schools at MIT are now available. Although there were differences in the way each School performed its study, the reports describe the methods used in each case.

  12. I'm having a problem with my colleagues or institutional administrators. Can you help me?

    Unfortunately, no. MIT has neither the resources nor the expertise to assist individual faculty members at other schools. If you have exhausted your school's facilities for grievances and still need further assistance, we suggest you contact the American Association of University Professors. They are an excellent resource generally, and the legal office in particular has been extremely helpful.