Gim P. Hom
Dept of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

MIT Room 38-644
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Tel: +1 617 324-3373
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    Introductory Analog Electronics Laboratory (6.101). Introductory experimental laboratory explores the design, construction, and debugging of analog electronic circuits including RF transmission and medical electronics. Lectures and laboratory projects in the first half of the course is followed by the the design, implementation, and written and oral presentation of a project in an environment similar to that of engineering design teams in industry. Course based on material by Ron Roscoe. [Spring 2014-2016]

    Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory (6.111). A hands-on introduction to designing and implementing digital systems. Course consists of lectures, labs and a student designed final project. Course material by Prof Anantha Chandrakasan and Dr. Chris Terman. [Fall 2009-2015]

    Hands on Introduction to EE Lab Skills (6.117). A gentle introduction to analog and digital circuits and to using the electrical instruments including oscillosopes, function generators, multimeters and logical analyzers. Analysis of ECG signals using Matlab. Course includes building a 9V battery powered ECG amplifier that allows the student to display their ECG on a laptop. [IAP 2006-2015]

    Intro to EECS II from a Medical Technology Perspective (6.S02).
    Recitation instructor: design simple ECG circuit powered by 9V battery to extract biomedical signals generated from electrocardiograms (ECGs). Signal can be feed into PC via microphone input for display and analysis. [Spring, 2013]

Professional Experience

    Digital Equipment Corporation/Compaq/HP
    Engineering and management positions in high performance workstations and storage business groups.

    Texas Instruments
    Senior member technical staff


    Massachuetts Institute of Technology
      SB Electrical Engineering
      SM Electrical Engineering
      SM Sloan School of Management
      EE Electrical Engineering

Other info

  • Patents
    • Patent 4197471, Circuit for interfacing between an external signal and control apparatus.
    • Patent 4215397, Automatic end-of-scan control system for a programmable process controller with Expandable Memory.

  • Activities
    • Woodworking/carpentry
    • Amateur radio - WB2QNL Amateur Extra Class
    • Long distance running: 10K - 36:06, 1/2 marathon 1:22:10, marathon 3:09