Miles C. Barr

Contact Information

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room 66-409
77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambrige, MA 02139 USA



B.Eng., 2006, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Music
Vanderbilt University

M.S.CEP, 2008, Chemical Engineering Practice
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Chemical vapor deposition of electrically and optically active polymers for flexible, paper-thin photovoltaics on everyday substrates.


  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
  • 2011 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize Finalist (link)
  • 2011 IDTechEx Printed Electronics Award (link)
  • 2011 MIT Clean Energy Prize, Renewable Category Winner (link)

    Selected Publications

  • Barr, M.C., Rohwell, J.A., Lunt, R.R., Xu, J., Wang, A., Boyce, C.M., Im, S.G., Bulovic, V., Gleason, K.K., "Direct Monolithic Integration of Organic Photovoltaic Circuits on Unmodified Paper", Advanced Materials 2011, 23, 3500.

  • Alf, M.E., Asatekin, A., Barr, M.C., Baxamusa, S.H., Chelawat, H., Ozaydin-Ince, G., Petruczok, C.D., Sreenavasan, R., Tenhaeff, W.E., Trujillo, N.J., Vaddiraju, S., Gleason, K.K., "Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of conformal, functional, and responsive polymer films", Advanced Materials 2010, 22, 1993.

  • Asatekin, A., Barr, M.C., Baxamusa, S.H., Lau, K.K.S., Tenhaeff, W.E., Xu, J., Gleason, K.K., "Designing polymer surfaces via vapor deposition", Materials Today 2010, 13, 26.

  • Trujillo, N.J., Barr, M.C., Im, S.G., Gleason, K.K., "Oxidative chemical deposition (oCVD) of patterned and functional grafted conducting polymer nanostructures", Journal of Materials Chemistry 2010, 20, 3968.


    I enjoy playing trombone, running, cooking, and eating.