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All aboard! Welcome aboard Flight 88.1, non-stop through sighberland - with express service to transit, weather, and radio locations. Change at Jamaica for all other stops.

I'm a Member/Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, the professional society for meteorologists. (If you must know more about me, then just click here.) Below, you'll find links to many weather pages.

I live in greater -Boston (known to many as the Hub of the Universe)...

...Which is best navigated by the -'T', our transit system. This system includes both subway and trolley lines, as well as a very efficient commuter rail service. All, by the way, continue to have among the least expensive fares in the country.

While in Boston, make sure you turn on the radio. We offer some of the most progressive stations in the country, led by WMBR , the MIT-based student and community radio station. - On this page, you'll find information about the radio station's history, programming, and staff. Plus, links to many other radio pages.

Looking for something to do that's fun and educational too? Then visit the Seashore Trolley Museum. If you come up sometime when I'm around, you might even be able to try your hand at operating a real streetcar or subway train! But anytime you visit, you'll get a guided tour as well as the opportunity to take a ride back into time -- and see how the streetcar was a major force in the development of our cities.

Some more great information can be found through the MIT -Home Page, such as information on students, staff, activities, technology, and much more. In fact, MIT is my daytime "home," as I serve as Associate Director in the Office of Corporate Relations.

When not in Boston, I work part-time as on-air meteorologist for WCBS Newsradio-880, an Entercom owned and operated station. We bring you Traffic and Weather Together every ten minutes around the clock on the eights. WCBS is in New York City, and the only way to get around town is via the NYC subway system -. Through this link, you can find all kinds of information related to the NYC subways, such as maps, photos, rosters, and even automated directions. I've also prepared an archive of NYC subway map descriptions from my collection which dates back to 1963.

But home will always be Long Island, NY, best reached by the busiest commuter railroad in the nation, the Long Island Rail Road. That's where you'll find New York's finest high school, The Wheatley School, which is part of the East Williston Union Free School District. And when traveling to NYC from  Boston, ride Amtrak's Acela Express train, which will "fly" you from Boston to New York City in under three and a half hours.

Todd (left) with WCBS News Anchor Wayne Cabot and Writer Lisa Fantino

WCBS 50th Anniversary


Todd at the controls of his A-Train

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