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Greenhouse Gamblers Climate Ride 2008

The Greenhouse Gamblers are a group of MIT students and researchers associated with the MIT Global Change Program who participated in a 5-day, 320-mile bike ride from New York City to Washington, DC, as a part of Climate Ride 2008 from September 20-24.

MIT News: Weather cycles: Group gears up for climate change awareness ride

THANKS to EVERYONE who provided support!

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In order to participate in the ride, each team member was required to raise a substantial entry fee. Due to the generosity of supporters, and diligent and creative fundraising efforts, the team was able to exceed their goal!

The purpose of the 5-day event was to help raise awareness and educate on the risks of climate change. The money is being raised for two non-profits: Focus the Nation and Clean Air Cool Planet. Both groups are working to find and promote solutions towards a cleaner energy future. The bike ride and associated lectures and events are intended to be part fun, part educational, and part advocacy.

The Greenhouse Gamblers team name refers to the research done in the MIT Global Change Program to understand the risks of climate change. The team logo turns roulette wheels outfitted with risks of different amounts of global climate change into bicycle wheels. The rear wheel represents the risks absent any policy action to mitigate greenhouse gases and the front wheel represents the reduced risks if the world pursues a policy to hold CO2 accumulation to 550 parts per million. These are real (preliminary) calculations from our complex climate modeling system — the MIT Integrated Global System Model (IGSM).

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