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Glyco-gene Chip Data

The following SC-approved experiments involving Glyco-gene Chip analysis of investigator-supplied RNA samples have been performed by Core E. The Results column provides links to the data which download to your computer when clicked. For murine samples the spreadsheet contains the entire annotated murine gene list and for human samples it contains the entire annotated human gene list. For each RNA sample analyzed, the spreadsheet gives the signals, present/absent calls, and p-values for each gene. The entire annotated human and murine Gene List including glycan-binding proteins and glycosyltransferase genes can be accessed by clicking on: Gene List. In one case, data is also available using the commercial MOE430A and B chips.

Investigator Experiment Title Tissue/Cell Line Results
Core E-generated Mouse wild type tissue survey Murine wild type tissues Spreadsheet

Linda Baum Gene expression during the development of T-cell memory Murine CD8+ T cells Spreadsheet
Oscar Campetella Glyco-gene expression in thymic epithelial cells from male and female mice Murine thymic epithelial cells Spreadsheet
Oscar Campetella Glyco-gene expression in normal vs. testosterone treated thymic epithelial cells from male mice Murine thymic epithelial cells Spreadsheet
Henrik Clausen Gene expression in pancreatic tumor cell lines of differing metastatic potential Murine pancreatic tumor cell lines Spreadsheet
Henrik Clausen Regulation of expression of ppGalNAc-T isoforms and mucin type O-glycosylation in human lung Human lung tissue Spreadsheet
Jeff Esko Expression of glycosyltransferases, sulfotransferases and proteoglycan core proteins in teratocarcinoma cells Murine F9 teratocarcinoma cells Spreadsheet
Jeff Esko Expression patterns of fucosyltransferases and sialyltransferass in leukemic and carcinoma cells Human LS180 and U937 cells Spreadsheet
Jeff Friedman Expression of proteoglycans involved in oxidative stress Murine red cell progenitors Spreadsheet
Stephen Jameson Expression of glycosylation enzymes and substrates during murine CD8+ T-cell development Murine CD8+4+ thymocytes and CD8+ T cells Spreadsheet
Geoffrey Kansas Gene expression in murine IgG plasma cells vs. murine B cells Murine plasma IgG cells and B cells Spreadsheet
Stephan Ladisch The effect of retinoic acid on the mRNA levels of ganglioside glycosyltransferases in neuroblastoma cells in vitro Human LAN-5 neuroblastoma cells Spreadsheet
Mark Lehrman Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and the unfolded protein response (UPR) Human adult dermal fibroblasts Spreadsheet
Noorjahan Panjwani Gene expression in corneal epithelial cells of normal and healing mouse corneas Murine cornea Spreadsheet
Noorjahan Panjwani Gene expression in corneal epithelial cells of normal and healing mouse corneas from Galectin-3+/+ and Galectin-3-/- mice Murine cornea Spreadsheet
James Paulson Glyco-gene expression in B cells and CD4+ and CD8+ T cells following activation Murine lymphocytes Spreadsheet
Thomas Scanlin Gene expression of immortalized cystic fibrosis and non-cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells Human airway epithelial cell lines Spreadsheet
Gerald Schwarting Glyco-gene expression in a mutant mouse that up-regulates the expression of lactosamine-containing glycans in a subset of olfactory neurons Murine olfactory neurons Spreadsheet
Frances Smith Glycosyltransferase gene expression in the developing mouse cerebellum Murine adult and postnatal day 7 pup brains Spreadsheet
Pamela Stanley Glyco-gene expression in wild type and Mgat3 mouse embryos Murine E10.5 embryo heads Glyco-gene chip spreadsheet
MOE430A chip spreadsheet
MOE430B chip spreadsheet
Jeremy Turnbull Role of the 2-O-sulfotransferase gene in early post-natal brain development P1 stage mouse brains Spreadsheet

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