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Langerin (Langerin-pending)

Langerin, a C-type lectin, plays a role in antigen processing and presentation. It is a potent inducer of Birbeck granule formation in Langerhans cells and is involved in nonconventional endocytic receptor routing into these organelles. Based on the genomic structure and the predicted functional domains, a non-conditional targeting strategy was designed where exons 1 to 4 are replaced by a floxed selectable marker.

The promoter region has not been unambiguously determined for this gene, and the 5' sequence upstream of exon 1 lacks any classical promoter elements. We have deleted approximately 800 bp of the upstream sequence and exons 1 through 4 as shown in the figure below (white box). The two remaining exons, 5 and 6, which encode part of the carbohydrate recognition domain, do not contain any potential translation re-initiation sites, thus excluding the possibility of any truncated version of the protein being expressed.

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