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Mouse Lines

SignR3 (Cd209d-pending)

SignR3 is one of five murine equivalents of human DcSign (Dendritic cell-specific ICAM-3 [intracellular adhesion molecule-3] grabbing non-integrin). It is localized on mouse chromosome 8 in a cluster with three other related genes: SignR1, SignR2 and SignR4, and in the vicinity of mouse DcSign.

SignR3 is a C-type lectin expressed at low levels in different mouse tissues, most notably in skeletal muscle and spleen.

Based on the genomic structure and the predicted functional domains, a targeting vector was designed where exons 1 to 5 were floxed by cre-recombinase recognition sites, removing the cytoplasmic, trans-membrane, and neck regions and a substantial portion of the carbohydrate recognition domain.

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