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Glyco-gene Chip

Investigator's Responsibility

RNA Sample Requirements: 1. Ideally, a minimum amount of 10 micrograms of total RNA should be provided at a concentration of 1 microgram per microliter in water. However, as little as 1 - 100 micrograms may be sufficient with an additional round of amplification. The Small Sample RNA Preparation Protocol would be used for labeling such samples. Please contact the Director for further information regarding RNA samples that are less than 10 micrograms.
2. RNA must be purified using an RNeasy column (Qiagen) and RNA Sample Preparation Protocol.
Experimental Design: Because it is not practical to develop one experimental design that is appropriate for all microarray experiments, several factors should be considered when designing microarray experiments for measuring gene expression changes in biological systems. Please see the PDF file for more information.
Shipping Instructions: 1. Package RNA samples on dry ice.
2. Send RNA samples by Federal Express overnight delivery to the address below. Do not have samples arrive on a Saturday or Sunday.
3. Call the Director and provide the Federal Express tracking number.

Core's Responsibility

Ordering Instructions

Shipping Address

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