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Policy on Distribution of Mice


The Consortium will distribute mouse strains in a manner that is consistent with NIH guidelines and with the Materials Sharing Policy of the program (datashare) to maximize research within the scope of the program.

Mouse strains created by the Mouse Transgenics Core (F)

Mouse strains created by the Mouse Transgenics Core (F) will be made available to the Mouse Phenotype Core (G) and to Participating Investigators as soon as sufficient numbers are bred to support distribution. Priority will be given to 1) supplying mice to the Mouse Phenotype Core (G), 2) sending breeding pairs to Participating Investigators, and 3) supplying mice to Participating Investigators who are unable to breed mice at their institution. Requests from Participating Investigators will be prioritized by the Steering Committee based on the impact of the proposed experiments to the goals of the Consortium. However, it is anticipated that requests for breeding pairs can be accommodated within a few months of mice first becoming available. The subject of the research proposed by each investigator receiving mice will be posted on the membersí website (intranet) to minimize conflicts.

Mice will also be distributed to investigators outside of the Consortium following the first publication or public presentation at a scientific meeting in accordance with NIH guidelines. Investigators outside of the Consortium interested in obtaining mice before publication will be invited to join the Consortium and take on the responsibilities of a Participating Investigator, which include sharing data before publication.

Mice contributed by Participating Investigators

The Mouse Transgenics Core (F) will maintain and breed existing strains of interest to the Consortium and contributed by Participating Investigators to facilitate the availability of these important genetic tools for Consortium-related research. All acquired strains will be assumed to be in the public domain by virtue of previous publications. The Consortium will function as a distributor in order to save individual investigators the effort and expense of breeding and shipping. Requests for mice will be approved and prioritized as for mouse strains produced by the Mouse Transgenics Core (F). All requests for the mice will also be forwarded as a courtesy to the original contributor, and the names of investigators who receive mice and the subject of their research will be posted on the public internet site. Requests for use of the contributed mouse strains which are outside the scope of the Consortium or intended for commercial research will be forwarded to the original contributor.


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