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Diagnostic Messages

reject_used_but_not_detected undefined
yymore_used_but_not_detected undefined
These errors can occur at compile time. They indicate that the scanner uses REJECT or yymore but that flex failed to notice the fact, meaning that flex scanned the first two sections looking for occurrences of these actions and failed to find any, but somehow you snuck some in (via a #include file, for example). Make an explicit reference to the action in your flex input file. (Note that previously flex supported a %used/%unused mechanism for dealing with this problem; this feature is still supported but now deprecated, and will go away soon unless the author hears from people who can argue compellingly that they need it.)

flex scanner jammed
A scanner compiled with `-s' has encountered an input string which wasn't matched by any of its rules.

flex input buffer overflowed
A scanner rule matched a string long enough to overflow the scanner's internal input buffer (16K bytes by default--controlled by YY_BUF_SIZE in `flex.skel'. Note that to redefine this macro, you must first #undefine it).

scanner requires -8 flag
Your scanner specification includes recognizing 8-bit characters and you did not specify the `-8' flag (and your site has not installed flex with `-8' as the default).

fatal flex scanner internal error--end of buffer missed
This can occur in an scanner which is reentered after a long-jump has jumped out (or over) the scanner's activation frame. Before reentering the scanner, use:

yyrestart( yyin );

too many %t classes!
You managed to put every single character into its own %t class. flex requires that at least one of the classes share characters.

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