Debugging with GDB


`b' cannot be used because these format letters are also used with the x command, where `b' stands for "byte"; see section Examining memory.


This is a way of removing one word from the stack, on machines where stacks grow downward in memory (most machines, nowadays). This assumes that the innermost stack frame is selected; setting $sp is not allowed when other stack frames are selected. To pop entire frames off the stack, regardless of machine architecture, use return; see section Returning from a function.


If you choose a port number that conflicts with another service, gdbserver prints an error message and exits.


In `gdb-4.14/gdb/' of the version 4.14 release.


If you have a more recent version of GDB than 4.14, look at the `README' file in the sources; we may have improved the installation procedures since publishing this manual.