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About pcl-cvs

Pcl-cvs is a front-end to CVS version 1.3. It integrates the most frequently used CVS commands into emacs.

Contributors to pcl-cvs

Contributions to the package are welcome. I have limited time to work on this project, but I will gladly add any code that you contribute to me to this package (see section Reporting bugs and ideas).

The following persons have made contributions to pcl-cvs.

Where can I get pcl-cvs?

This release of pcl-cvs is included in the CVS 1.3 distribution. However, since pcl-cvs has had less time to mature (the first line of code was written less than a year ago) it is likely that there will be a new release of pcl-cvs before the next release of CVS.

The latest release of pcl-cvs can be fetched via anonymous ftp from ftp.lysator.liu.se, (IP no. in the directory pub/emacs. If you don't live in Scandinavia you should probably check with archie to see if there is a site closer to you that archives pcl-cvs.

New releases will be announced to appropriate newsgroups. If you send your email address to me I will add you to my list of people to mail when I make a new release.

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