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Just like any other significant piece of software, screen has a few bugs and missing features. Please send in a bug report if you have found a bug not mentioned here.

Known Bugs

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug in Screen, please send electronic mail to `screen@uni-erlangen.de', and also to `bug-gnu-utils@prep.ai.mit.edu'. Include the version number of Screen which you are using. Also include in your message the hardware and operating system, the compiler used to compile, a description of the bug behavior, and the conditions that triggered the bug. Please recompile screen with the `-DDEBUG -DTMPTEST' options enabled, reproduce the bug, and have a look at the debug output written to the directory `/tmp/debug'. If necessary quote suspect passages from the debug output and show the contents of your `config.h' if it matters.


Screen is available under the GNU copyleft.

The latest official release of screen available via anonymous ftp from `prep.ai.mit.edu', `nic.funet.fi' or any other GNU distribution site. The latest beta testing release of screen is available from `ftp.uni-erlangen.de (', in the directory `pub/utilities/screen'.

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